When traveling there are expected disruptions in our daily routines that can make some things more difficult to keep on, or easier to forget. When it comes to the care and health of your teeth, traveling can increase the likelihood of missing check ups, forgetting your retainer, or other mishaps that you wouldn’t forget when in the normal swing of things at home. Here are 6 travel tips on caring for your teeth that will make your next big (or small) trip a breeze!

Don’t neglect your teeth checkups.

If possible, schedule a routine checkup just before you go on your trip. This will allow your doctor to give you all of the information you need on the state of your teeth, as well an opportunity to send you with tips or tricks on what your traveling routine should look like.

Plan ahead for emergencies.

It is always a good idea to have your dentist’s contact info on you when traveling so that you can have a point of contact if there is an emergency. 

Learn the care tricks for when you are without a toothbrush.

Forgetting your toothbrush actually is not the end of the world. However, forgetting your toothbrush is also not a reason to not brush your teeth. Instead, you can make it by by using a washcloth with toothpaste, a vigorous rinse with warm salt water, or the handy finger toothbrush (just make sure it’s clean).

Know how to store your toothbrush.

There are two things to keep in mind when storing your toothbrush in your luggage. First, you want to always keep your toothbrushes separate from all other items. After all, you do put them in your mouth! Second, you want to let your toothbrush air dry when you are in a stationary place. Keeping them in a plastic sandwich bag is a great option, just be sure to let the brush and bag dry when you can so that you aren’t sealing in moisture and foster a home for bacterial growth.


Traveling teeth care is an absolutely doable feat. There are simply some considerations that must be made in order to be sure your teeth are fully being taken care of when you are out and about exploring. If you have any questions about traveling and teeth care routines, contact Gentle Dentistry and we can help you feel confident going on your next trip!