Tips on Caring for Sensitive Teeth

When your teeth become sensitive, it may cause discomfort in eating and drinking. Moreover, the discomfort may linger throughout the day. The reason for tooth sensitivity is due to the enamel nerves that are exposed to the food you consume. To help you overcome tooth sensitivity, we have identified a few tips to help. 

  1. Use a Soft Tooth Brush

Hard Brushes may damage the outermost protective layer of your teeth. Brushing with a hard toothbrush can cause gums to shrink, which may result in serious complications. To help you overcome this problem, a soft toothbrush is a better alternative. Simply head over to your nearest store and get yourself a soft brush. Whenever you are brushing, make sure you don’t brush too hard either. It can lead to just as much damage as a hard tooth brush.

  1. Use Toothpaste for Sensitivity 

Using toothpaste that is specifically formulated to treat tooth sensitivity can help you overcome the issue. Normal toothpaste is not as effective in alleviating sensitivity and providing relief. 

  1. Avoid Hot and Cold Food

Another important thing to keep in mind is to avoid foods that increase your tooth sensitivity. One of the most common foods that make your teeth sensitive are hot and cold foods. While this may sound difficult for many patients, it is a key to overcome tooth sensitivity. 

Since the enamel of your teeth wears out, you will experience a lot of pain when consuming such items. It is important to avoid them until you undergo treatment and start feeling better. Till then, eat food that’s at a moderate temperature to avoid any discomfort. 

  1. Don’t Grind your Teeth

It’s important that you don’t grind your teeth because it can cause significant damage to the enamel. Besides that, it exposes your teeth to the risk of bacteria and infection. If you have a habit of grinding your teeth, use mouth pads to stop. 

  1. Avoid Acid Intake 

Some beverages contain acids that are harmful for the tooth enamel. Acids such as citric acids are a common ingredient in carbonated beverages, which are notorious for damaging teeth. Moreover, sugary drinks such sodas can cause tooth decay and lead to infections. 

  1. Never Miss out on Dentist Appointments 

To manage sensitivity, regular attend dentist appointments and closely follow their advice. And if you are facing severe pain, seek their help immediately. 

Final Thoughts  

Teeth sensitivity may not be a huge issue at first, but may develop into a serious concern if you leave it untreated. For effective, swift, and affordable dental services, make sure to contact Gentle Dentistry. We are available to treat all your dental issues. You can Call or Text us at (435) 375-4276 or Email us at