Every time you go to the dentist’s office, they ask you how often you floss. That is because flossing is essential for keeping up your oral health. Thankfully, flossing only takes a few minutes of your time, is done once a day, and doesn’t hurt! Throughout the day, your teeth build up plaque, which can destroy your tooth enamel, cause cavities, and even cause gingivitis. You remove a good amount of plaque when you brush your teeth, but your toothbrush doesn’t reach between your teeth. Let’s go over just how important flossing is. 

Gum Health 

Having a good dental hygiene routine and flossing regularly is crucial in your overall gum health. Plaque buildup occurs throughout the day and brushing your teeth only removes a portion of that plaque. Your toothbrush can’t reach between the cracks in your teeth limiting how much plaque is removed. To get the remaining plaque and ensure your teeth are fully clean means flossing once daily. Good oral hygiene is important in preventing issues such as cavities and gum disease. 

Breath Smell

There are small food particles that become trapped between teeth when we eat. Over time, those particles can rot and feed odor causing bacteria a yummy meal. When this happens, the breath in your mouth become foul and pungent. One way to avoid bad smelling breath is through flossing!


If you have any questions about bleeding gums or have pain when you brush your teeth, contact Gentle Dentistry and we can help you determine what your gum needs are!