How White Should Teeth Be?

Everyone wants bright, shiny, and white teeth, as they make your smile more beautiful. Stained or discolored teeth can make people conscious and lower their confidence. The good news is you can reduce or remove the stains with teeth whitening products and procedures. But how white should your teeth be?

What Makes Your Teeth White?


Our teeth have three layers: Enamel is the visible, thicker, and outer layer of teeth. The middle layer is dentin, and the center layer is the pulp (containing nerves and blood vessels) leading to roots inside the jaw. Enamel is the hardest tissue in the human body. The stronger and thicker your enamel is, the whiter (optimal) your teeth appear.

Teeth Whitening 

For a teeth whitening procedure, you have to go to a dentist’s office. However, you can also use at-home dentist procedures and DIY teeth whitening kits. A simple procedure involving solutions and gels with high concentrations of active ingredients will make your teeth white. Moreover, dentists may perform other procedures to ensure the best teeth whitening results.

While your dentist can discuss the best options, you can choose how white your teeth should be.

Choosing an Appropriate Teeth Shade

Do you know there are many shades of teeth besides white and yellow? In fact, there is a range of tooth colors for you to pick from for your new teeth shade. According to the American Dental Association, here are the four basic groups of teeth color from a common tooth color chart.

  • Reddish-Brown (A)
  • Reddish-Yellow (B)
  • Gray Color (C)
  • Reddish-Gray (D)

What shade you choose should depend on the restorations, existing teeth color, and tone, and, more importantly, how light or bright you want your teeth to be.

Teeth Discoloration

The main reason people opt for teeth whitening treatments is teeth discoloration. It occurs when your teeth are no longer the same color as before and have spots and stains. In rare cases, the teeth may even turn dark gray and have black stains.


Here’s a list of food and drinks that harm the outer layer and may sneak into the inner layers of your teeth. Consequently, they can mark yellowish or grayish stains on your teeth. 

Moreover, injuries and aging can weaken the roots of the teeth. Subsequently, your teeth’ enamel layer can become thin and create a yellowish or grayish shade (dentin visibility). 


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