People often wonder if their front teeth can develop cavities. Well, cavities can happen in any part or surface of your teeth. What’s more, they can spread rapidly through your tooth’s outer surface, into your dentin (your tooth’s middle area), all the way you the tooth’s nerve, aka the pulp. Generally, people tend to brush their front teeth regularly because they can see food buildup, plaque or other issues. However, you’d be surprised to learn that your front teeth can also develop cavities. 

Why Do Front Teeth Develop Cavities

Contrary to popular belief, your front teeth can indeed get cavities and they can occur for the same reasons they would occur in any other area of your mouth.  Environmental factors, genetic issues, poor oral hygiene and diet are a few common reasons that result in cavities. 

High carbohydrate and sugar diets can increase your body’s acid production resulting in more cavities and weakening the structure of your teeth. People who don’t brush or floss twice a day are at an increased risk of developing cavities or tooth decay. 

Another reason behind cavities in the front teeth is having dry mouth. Believe it or not, dry mouth can bring cavities out of nowhere. Your cavities, in particular, can are vulnerable to decomposing because of dry mouth and similar issues. 

How to Steer Clear from Front Teeth Cavities

Regular flossing and brushing, along with the use of fluoride toothpastes is an excellent way to avoid cavities in your mouth. Drinking some water after drinking sugary beverages or snacking can also help you avoid enamel breakdown by rinsing away the acids that cause decay. 

Incorporating a fluoride mouth wash can also be beneficial for those with cavities in their front teeth. With all that said, you must always consult with your dentist before using any prescription or tip to avoid cavities. 

Brushing Tips to Avoid Cavities

Mentioned below are some tried and tested tips to ensure your teeth remain healthy and cavity free:

  • Consider using toothbrushes with soft bristles. Also, make sure to brush your teeth gently to avoid the chances of gingival injuries
  • Make sure you place your brush at a forty five degree angle. Move it back and forth with short strokes, gently brushing the inner and outer areas of your teeth
  • Use the tooth brush’s tip for cleaning the inside area of your front teeth with gentle strokes
  • Always replace your brush every three to four months

If you are worried about cavities on your front teeth and want a solution, waste no time in contacting our experts at 435-375-4276. Upon reviewing the condition of your teeth, we will suggest the most suitable solution to ensure you can steer clear from cavities in no time!